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Chris Harris

I don't understand how the Republicans, that are not die hard tea party folks, because they will just be blind no matter what, can see closing tax loop holes as trying to raise taxes on the wealthy. It's all the money that they move offshore that they are trying to avoid paying taxes on. That's not raising taxes, that's just asking them to obey the law and not practice tax evasion.

Well if we're not going to ask the richest Americans and corporations to obey the law and pay taxes on all of their income, then why should the rest of us. Hey, here's an idea, why don't we pass legislation that allows middle income families to move say 25% of our income to offshore accounts and we won't have to pay tax on that either. I'm sure all those banks would just love that idea and The Republican leaders will be super happy at all that tax revenue down the drain.

I'm down with that if that's what they want to do. We should just have the same set of rules the rich get. If they can hide money overseas, we should be able to also. But alas, they won't go for that. They're only interested in helping the wealthy. The Republicans are becoming more and more the party of the rich. It wasn't always as extreme as it is today but it's becoming more and more obvious to most Americans and that's why the Republican party is shrinking.
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