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In January, Menendez paid approximately $58,500 to Melgen for the flights he took in 2010, chalking up the lapse in payment to his busy schedule.
Uh huh.

Menendez, whose spokesman denied the prostitute allegations, repaid Melgen $58,500 for two 2010 trips he characterized as personal. The reimbursement was made Jan. 4 in response to the ethics complaint, but there was no public disclosure of it until this week. The reimbursement is significant for a politician who's not wealthy by Washington standards. Disclosure forms show Menendez's net worth as less than $700,000.

"There's not a question that he made violations here," Thompson said, noting the reimbursement. "Even though he's done it now, he's still in violation of the rules."
Did I forget to pay for those private flights worth 10% of my net worth? Whoopsies. Thanks for letting me know about this little clerical error. Won't happen again.
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