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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I think a deal could have been reached had Obama not needed even more new tax revenue in the deal. Repubs cant be expected to cave again on taxes so soon after caving on the income tax raise for upper earners.

They have to think about what the 45% of us who voted for them want also right? Or do you think it should just be let Obama have everything he wants? The Senate leader and many on Obamas team during campaign basically called Romney a tax cheating liar. You just can't expect repubs to be all rosy on Obamas liberal agenda. He frankly hasn't tried very hard to be compromsing. Oh yeah i know media paints him to be but hes not at all.
It is traditional in countries who like to think of themselves as having a democratically elected government to pander to the majority of voters, and since congress, the senate and presidential elections all had democratic popular vote majorities, you would think the democrats would get to do some politics....
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