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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by CEH View Post
Not really embarrassed by anything. Good job using GOOGLE. My son in 3rd grade uses GOOGLE pretty well too.

Looks to me like your list is made up of top 15 picks and 2nd round and beyond talent

Back to the 80%. I'd say that your list proves there is about 6-7 players all top 15 picks that I would consider PARAMOUNT players. Realistic type player for Denver? Hardly which brings me to the other half of the list.

Remind me again who Denver could not draft in round two with a little wiggling like dropping out of the 1st and pickup a pick or two

While you want to narrow in on a specifc fact you inadvently proved my point of the thread . Denver does not need to draft a MLBer at #28 to fill that position

Job well done. I knew I could manipulate you once you turned into Mr Google
So you addressed none of the post and have backpedaled into an entirely different stance.

Bravo. Please don't reproduce again.
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