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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
I'm not super hi on Mendenhall but he's got one thing greene does not--speed. Mendenhall has not panned out the way the stellers wanted him to, he's had some injuries and he also has a little bit of fumblitis. But when he's been healthy he's been productive and yes, he's got speed.
Tatum Bell had speed but didn't know how to run with a protected style. When you watch runners like Terrell Davis, Marcus Allen, Preist Holmes, they almost always never took direct hits. They were so good at adjusting the body lean at that last moment before contact. Guys like Mendenhall and Tatum Bell, they don't adjust at contact moment. That's why they're always dinged up. Speed is great, we all know that. But I think a beefed up track star who doesn't know how to break tackles, who always wants to either out race or juke, won't be nearly as productive as that back who has better feel for using blocking and breaking tackles and avoiding the big hits. Mendenhal is nothing more then a Tatum Bell clone. Not to mention, Mendenhal is not really all that good at blitz pick up. And as you mentioned, not the best ball security either. I think too many guys are too focused on speed. Terrell Davis was by no means a blazer and everybody here knows the kind of production he provided. I can live with some not liking Greene but to suggest Mendenhall is better is laughable at best.
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