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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Plus, he played a ton of Man coverage which is not as conducive to INT's as the player usually is playing trail technique, versus biting on routes in zone like Asante (overrated) Samuel. Samuel routinely gets Burned when he has to play man coverage nad especially press man.

You top INT CB's are usually Zone system and watching the QB, not Press man CB's.
Trufant is the real deal, he has an outstanding mindset for the NFL, he has prototypical size and athleticism and very good technique. His tackling is suspect, but in press-man coverage that is not nearly as important as it would be in a predominantly zone cover scheme.

Xavier Rhodes is another guy who is very interesting at the CB position, he has the same kind of size as the guys in Seattle and speed to spare, he uses the sideline very effectively and I think in press-man he could really shine as a LCB who could take on bigger number 1 WRs.

As far as DTs, I am looking at Sylvester Williams, Jonathan Hankins and Sheldon Richardson in the 1st. I believe they all have the type of size and power we need at DT to create space for our DEs and linebackers.

I am not sure there is a MLB I am really sold on in the 1st round. I was really disappointed with the group at the combine, after seeing guys like Kuechly, Von Miller just tear it up seeing the guys this year was a let down. Ogletree has the athletic ability but I am not sold on his personality, especially not stepping into a leadership position like MLB.

Tavon Austin is a guy I am not big on, he is too skinny and too much of a sandlot player. He makes his plays in that crazy spread where he has tons of room to work with and can use his speed and quickness to create separation, I think in the NFL he will struggle to find that kind of space and his size means he will be easy to redirect at the line. I think Markus Wheaton and Stedman Bailey are better slot WR prospects, they have better size and strength and run much better routes which is very important for a slot guy.
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