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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
and LIKE I said this is a message board. He re-injured his ankle and ankles have lots of little bones and healing can take a lot of time and they can get re-injured easier. Again this is a message board where **** gets thrown against the wall. If he comes back healthy great, he is Denver's second best lineman. Elway has said basically the same thing in the Denver Post. Kuper was injured and we do not know how he will come back from it. He said that himself, paraphrasing of course.

Not very many relatives post on message boards or at least make their name known I imagine because a lot of the stuff they read makes them feel defensive.

He has a high cap number and he played in only 6 games last year due to multiple injuries. ON ANY team that makes you a target for message board discussion.
That's the diff between you and Elway...He has enough info to know what the **** he's talking about... I didn't see the part where he said the injury was chronic... must have missed that dream.
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