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Originally Posted by Blart View Post
^^^ Care to link which studies and reports prove that "more guns = less crime"?

I'd also like to see an explanation on why Japan has only about 10 gun homicides per year.

For some reason I don't trust the corporate journalist John Stossel.

Gun control is ineffective when your next-door neighbor sells guns freely.

This is the gun store in Indiana, about 15 minutes from the south side where the majority of guns used in Chicago crimes are sold:

If you give people easy access to people-killing tools, guess what happens?
I cant tell you how many times Ive said or heard " well I wasn't going to kill you but since i have an easy way of doing it what the hell" right before a gun shot.

You guys are messed up, you cant be the only place on earth where getting a gun is "easy" yet you are the only place with "gun crime numbers" so high, which tells me that guns arent the problem, and something else is
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