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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
It's a message board. We talk football, I don't see why we cannot talk about Kuper's contract as opposed to other players. A hundred people on this board are trying to get rid of Doom. It is nothing personal and I do not hide behind my keyboard. Kuper has a high cap number and he has what appears to be a possibility of a chronic ankle injury. I'm sure the Broncos are discussing his cap number like we are. And I can see you are taking it personal, so at least admit that.
You don't know anything about his injury. As far as whether it's chronic or not... you probably need to get off of the "chronic" since one season does not a chronic make. You can talk about anything you want, that's in the constitution. You also have the right to look silly and I've seen you exercise that as well. As far as the cap, it is what it is. But if you are looking strictly at cap numbers as well as becoming the team doc by knowing whether someone has a long term injury or not knock yourself out but please note my statement about looking silly. There are a lot of guys with knee injuries on the team that have more chance of being chronic than an ankle that may not have been fixed correctly the first time.. Walton had the same injury as Chris and the same surgery, just a different doc and procedure than Chris had the first time due to the fact that this procedure was fairly new when Chris got injured.
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