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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
For the record, I said that Kuper only needed to be replaced if he does not bounce back from injury. I think everyone here HOPES that. As someone who got to see Kuper play at UND (I went to NDSU, so it wasn't a far trip) -- it was pretty cool to see him become a Bronco. Very few guys from UND/NDSU make it to the pros.

How is his rehabilitation going?
I know, I understand that it's a business and have no problem with anything you have said. I'm sure you can pick out the ones I'm talking about. He just got into his 2nd cast for another 6+ weeks of no weight on it but he is doing good... he gets to spend a lot of "quality time " with his kids and is getting ready to go to Baltimore to pick up the "Ed Block Courage Award" in 10 days. He doesn't have a terrible life by anyone's definition. But when he is my age, I'm sure he will feel it.
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