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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
Really, Shanahan drafted Pryce (hit) and Moss (miss) in the first round. In the second he drafted Tonovessi (miss), Monte Reagor (hit). Yeah, he just kept busting on ALL the DL picks he did in the first two rounds.

Oh yeah, I forgot Crowder in the second. So in 13 years he drafted 5 DL players int he first two rounds and hit on two of them. So spin away.

and how does his drafting correlate with Elway's drafting.

It seems to me Elway drafted Wolfe (hit) is batting 1000
In what universe is Reagor a hit? He was a solid player. Nothing special.

So in his Bronco tenure of drafting (all rounds) he hit on 2 players that could do that job at a great level (pryce and doom). That just proves that elite talent doesn't come around very often. Take into account that I have now said all his picks spent on the position, only 2 of them have produced at elite lvl. 2 players picked almost 10 year apart. Spin away!
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