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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
All this cut Kuper crap is getting a bit old. How many guys now have said some form of "wait, I said cut Kuper too, maybe ___ months/years ago!" It's not a badge of honor, it's self-flagellation. Why? Because Chris Kuper is you, Chris Kuper is me. He's the perfect everyman, a big lug who thawed out of an arctic childhood, looked past the experts who said he'd go undrafted, listened, learned and made it to the top. Shanahan gave him a couple of big lug kicks in the rear at first, but he kept his head down and made himself a $25 million dollar man.

Besides, even though he's been named to a few All-Pro teams, he has to go to at least one Pro Bowl, cause I have the perfect title for his autobiography: "From Alaska to Hawaii: How I traded in my arctic youth for a millionaire's life on the beach."
I will help with the "unofficial" autobiography... I have to laugh at how 12 mos completely changes some of the people on this board. I don't even take it personal because for some people it's the only place that anyone will even lend any credence to what they write/say because in real life they can't even get in and out of their car without hurting themselves. I would not bet against Chris coming back and being as good or better than he has ever been. I'm not sure many guys have been nominated "All Pro" after playing only 5 complete games in the season. I am pretty sure that those guys have forgotten more about football than pretty much ALL of us myself included. Then when I see guys like Cutthemdown if not praise the way he has played for the Broncos at least temper his criticism I know I'm on the right track. To his credit he has been one of Chris' biggest critics over his career but has been able to at least put together decent rationale for his criticism. As far as the 28 mil... he earned that money the first 6 years of his career by being a good team guy and playing well for relative peanuts compared to others. That and knowing how much he has suffered this last season (for those that thrive on revisionist history, his first ankle injury occurred on Jan1,2012) I would be livid if they asked him to give back anything although knowing what a good guy he is I'm sure he would do it if he felt it would help the team. I feel the same way about Champ, and others who have put their time in and sacrificed their future for the team's present. Anyway thanks to the people who have supported him this past year+ (you know who you are) and "Fack you" to those who hide behind their keyboards and throw daggers at people who kill themselves for your entertainment.
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