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Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
All very high 1st round picks And Wolfe was a second. Se the drop off? Sure we can luck out with a DE in the 1st and 2nd round. But our previous history with the position shows us that is more miss than hit. Or don't you ?
remember all those 1st and 2nd round picks we wasted on the position with Shanny? Ohhh that's right you probably weren't watching Bronco football by then. Until Miked picked up Doom in the 4th in 06, you could have said he had whiffed on most of the draft picks he had spent on DE's.
Pretty sure Jarvis Moss and Tim Crowder (2007) were the turd****s we got in the year after we drafted Dumervil (2006). But yeah, we didn't do a good job of getting players to rush the passer. That means our scouting department sucked big time in their evaluations and we took bad players. What is even worse is that they are in the NFLl.

Meanwhile, LaMarr Woodley (2nd Round) -- Charles Johnson (4th Round) are still in the NFL having productive careers. (The two guys I loved -- I also loved Crowder too as a LDE. . .)

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