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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
I still want to se them release Malik. Kid can ball, and I would love to see him play RDE in this system. He is a much better LDE, but hey we have this guy who got 6 sacks last year already playing there. If we lose Dumervils 12 sacks, do you think the 2 of them could each post 6 more next year to replace them? Nah, that's too complicated to understand.
I hope Malik gets an opportunity to earn a lot of playing time this year on the squad! If the Broncos are entertaining the idea of shipping out Elvis, they MUST feel confident that Jackson/Ayers can replace his production or have someone like Wolfe in his second year to make the strides to improve upon his rookie season even more. Not to mention the possibility of another draft selection or FA. But no. . . it can't be done. /sarcasm.

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