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Some tidbits from Marshall's book THE BIG BAMBOOZL

Marshall's new book follows up and goes well beyond his previous 9/11 book FALSE FLAG 9/11

This time, he went deep into the official reports and pulled out some nuggets that other researchers missed.

The chairman of the 2002 Joint Inquiry (the first official 9/11 investigation), Sen Bob Graham, charged in his 2008 book INTELLIGENCE MATTERS that 2001 FBI chief Robert Mueller lied when he testified during the Joint Inquiry's 2002 hearing.

Graham charged that Mueller covered up the Saudi financing of at least two of the alleged 9/11 high-jackers (al-Hazmi and al-Midhar). This was reported in the national press --

Graham follows this line of research --

The source of the funding was none other than the Saudi ambassador to the US, Prince Bandar.

Evidently the Saudi national, al-Bayoumi, who served as Bandar's bag man worked for a Saudi aviation contractor. Marshall believed this was a key piece of information, especially given that all of the alleged 9/11 highjackers made unexplained trips to Las Vegas and Arizona in the spring of 2001.

I learned about these trips in my own 9/11 research but never explained them.

Marshall theorized that the high-jackers had received advanced training at a secret military base in the desert southwest. He identified a number of air parks where Boeing commercial jets are stored. Old and unused aircraft are kept at desert bases because the dry conditions helps preserve them.

But Marshall learned that only two of the air parks had airworthy 757s and 767s in 2001. One of the bases is near Las Vegas and the other is at Pinal, between Tucson and Phoenix.

The Pinal base has a long history of CIA activity -- going back to the Viet Nam era. Marshall spent several days at the Pinal base -- outside the perimeter -- watching Boeing jets come and go.

Jeremy Scahill wrote about Pinal in his book BLACKWATER and refers to it as a "spook air base." Scahill also connected Buzzy Krongard, whom George Tenet recruited in 1996 to become his aide at Central Intelligence, to the managers of this base. Krongard had worked as a director at AB Brown -- one of the oldest investment banks in the US.

After 9/11, several national papers reported that the SEC had traced put options on United and American airlines purchased days before 9/11 to Krongard's former bank. Interesting aye?

These are just some snippets from THE BIG BAMBOOZLE --

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