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Nate Irving

Originally Posted by MagicHef View Post
You really have an interesting way of "reading." I never said any of those things.

I took issue with your statement that we could get a rookie to contribute right away, making Doom expendable. It's happened once, and maybe another time before they started recording sacks, so I wouldn't count on it happening for us this season.

If Doom is gone, I promise you our pass rush will not be as good as it was last year.
That's why you get a vet pass rusher on top of drafting a guy who you think can be a future upgrade to Doom; it's pretty simple really. I don't think anyone is discounting Dooms pass rushing ability, but you have to concede he is not a complete player. That means he can be replaced, and possibly upgraded. If he can be replaced/upgraded, and you can add the best cover corner in the league you have a win-win. You secure the CB position for another 7 years, and you have the opportunity to build around the core players that you have. The future of the team would be Osweiler, Clady, Revis, and Miller instead of Osweiler, Clady, Miller, and . The core for the short term is Manning, Clady, Miller, and Bailey, but two of those key prices are over the age of 35. We addressed the future of the QB position last April, now it's time to look at the CB position, and take action.

Current age of core players: 37/22, 26, 23, 35/
Post trade: 22/37, 26, 23, 27/35

Do you see what I mean?
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