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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Way too much respect for Dumervil and the actual impact he has on opposing offenses IMHO. He is a pass rusher, but he is not anything else. And he is the second best Pass rusher on the team now, and the highest paid defender by a mile. He greatly benefits from Miller now, and he will degrade in effectiveness as soon as he no longer has the second best pass rusher in the league on his side.

He is not scheme friendly at all, and while his Pass rush is important to this team, his value in doing so anymore is negative to his cap hit. He is still a one trick pony, and there are a LOT of potential one trick ponies out there who would thrive with Miller occupying special attention in this scheme.

I like Dumervil, but DEN severely overpaid the guy and now they have a chance to do something about it.

Revis is a weird thing though. He just injured his best tool to cover and wants to get paid after missing most of the season. However, The Jets NEVER paid him market value and the GM on the street right now (Tannenbaum) screwed with him for years. He wants out of the Jets implosion, and who are no longer even remotely a contender, and would be pretty damn happy in DEN with his pal Bailey.

He could be a crucial piece to making this defense even more difficult to play against, as he presents unique problems for teams, that Dumervil does not. People also forget he plays the run really damn well, something Dumervil never has done. If you put revis on the top WR, Bailey can and will cover the TE matchup nightmare from the Slot, and Harris and Carter can still cover the #2 WR and #3WR with extra safety help. Bailey does not have to move to safety to cover the matchup TE's, he covered Gonzo and Gates back in the early days here in the red zone. You know back when DEN had the top TE defense in the league despite 2 all-pro TE's twice a year.

The one thing I do not want is to give up a second rounder in the deal. Hell, give up a fourth and third next year, this damn draft is way too deep to hand over a top 90 pick IMHO.

I hope they explore this, but they have to make it work for everybody to get it done.
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