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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Saying there's only 5 3 down MLBers in the league is nothing shy of laughable. San Francisco has two on their team alone. In fact, I'd bet over half the teams in the league have 3 down MLBers. So not only is your 80% figure a laughable indicator of your ignorance, but 80% of teams aren't blitzing their Sam regularly either...

Here come the insults. Good to know that you can do basic 4th grade math.

And SF is one team not two teams and I further pointed out already that SF is the exception to the rule. Sure everone would love to have a Willis or Bowman.

I'm talking about 80% as in a "team" that has a player that would meet my definition of PARAMOUNT. I can only conclude that if you think 50% of the league has this PARMOUNT player Denver needs so badly it migth be easy to aquire said PARAMOUNT player without using a 1st round pick. I mean if 50 % of the league already has one or did all 16 teams use a first round pick and wasn't this the topic of the thread

* See what I'm doing here. Instead of addressing the spirit of a post I'm taking some snippit of a post and harping on it over and over again.

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