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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Heyneck View Post
Doom is not a part you can replace and expect similar production from. You guys do understand that if he averages 12 sacks/season over the next 3 years and he would be a 100 sack career artist 9 years into his career? Find me a 4th round pick that has done that recently.
The idea wouldn't be to replace his individual sack numbers, but find a couple of guys to rotate depending to offset his production. You need to find a couple of guys who can get 5-7 sacks each. In an increasingly specialized NFL, that's not all that difficult to replace.

Finding a guy that you can put in man press-coverage with Brandon Marshall, Bowe, or even a Vernon Davis and have him hold his own is worth his weight in gold. We've been spoiled with Champ in that regard for years. Champ, is still very good, but gone are the days where we can assume he can run down the field stride for stride with a 24-year-old 4.4 WR. We need to transition and improve as the divisional showed us. That, and Doom's contract is gigantic.
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