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There is a reason Elway picked Von. He said something along the lines that after having a franshice QB & LT, the next most important thing is the headhunter.

Sorry but not many defensive linemen have had a start to their career like Doom's first 6 years. I can't believe the lack of respect he gets around here. Finding that DE that can put a consistent pass rush on the QBs year and year out is not something done as simple as you imply. Sure he struggles a bit against the run, which is more baffling when talking about replacing him with Freeney as some poster says (he is basically and Older broken down Doom that's even worst against the run). But apart from the 10+ sacks/season he gets you he gets you a consistent push. Go look up how many QB hurries he was accounted for.

Doom is not a part you can replace and expect similar production from. You guys do understand that if he averages 12 sacks/season over the next 3 years and he would be a 100 sack career artist 9 years into his career? Find me a 4th round pick that has done that recently.
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