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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Don't they count at the end of the third anyways? Three teams are rumored to have thirds, KC, Texans, and Titans.
Yeah, but I'm saying that if we stopped after the second -- the following would happen:

(A) We can all re-valuate our draft boards. Make sure we know what guys have been picked (cough -- TRAVELER -- cough) and re-set them accordingly.

(B) Teams receiving compensatory selections would have the ability to move up into the third round or move up higher elsewhere and get their guy. I think this is very fair. It gives everyone (outside those not receiving compensatory selections) to operate on a more fair playing ground.

We don't know what all picks would be announced. Why should people be denied their shot at a player on their board whom they rate highly? For instance -- say a team likes Jimmy Beanboy from UCLA -- but they lack a third rounder. What if that team gets two fourths in the compensatory round and would then have the ability to make a trade for him and get them?

I honestly think it is the best route to go. I know I would certainly like to know what picks the Bengals may or may not be getting so I can analyze the rest of my board, slot players and project possible trades.
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