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Originally Posted by bpc View Post
This is a dumb retort that I hear far too often. Baltimore wasn't in control other than official aided TD's & drives via penalty. You're assuming that if T. Holliday doesn't return kicks for TD's that Manning doesn't drive us for TD's like he had all season? Take away Denver's flubbed FG, INT returned for TD which was really a PI against Decker, and a hail marry from B-More, where does that leave the game?
Agree. Multiple times we stopped them and they had drives extended due to penalties, some of which were questionable, and some of which were flat wrong. We also got stopped by penalties at least once, the phantom hold called on a 3rd down dive for a 1st down immediately coming to mind. There were swings in momentum, and I suppose to could argue that Baltimore "controlled" certain parts of the game. But overall it was our game to lose and we did just that.
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