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I would like to point out that it was pass rush and coverage issues that lost us the playoff game.. The pass rush didn't get home, and coverage was less than average..

The two work hand in hand..

To me, Revis is a game changer. He will completely eliminate a WR. That allows you to schematically do things different with the pass rush if need be. Doom didn't get home against the Ravens, as a result our coverage was exposed. There will be pass rushers in the draft and in FA, but there isn't a Revis Island in free agency, and a draftee would take time to develop into a shut down corner..
This **** is killing me. Lead the league in sacks for the year (as a team) and because of one ****ty game all the sudden it's time to throw out the baby with the bathwater. I blame the scheme just as much as the players for the lack of rush in THAT ONE GAME.

It was quintessential Fox Playoff Pussball. He wanted Flacco to hand his defense the game (like he did the first time), and it didn't work out. Joe was on fire.

#1 in the league in sacks. #3 in passing allowed. "Oh, ****! We lost in double OT to the world champs! We better move our probowl ****ing corner to safety and replace him by trading our second best pass rusher!"

If this goes down, Holy **** is all I'll have to say.
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