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Yeah but Von ain't going to have the same impact he had with a very competent pass rusher. A CB can be great and cover "half the field", but just like other teams did with Champ in his prime, you just throw it the other way. Plus with the evolution of the TE in the offensive schemes, you have that many other options to not challenge Revis.

Plus, what you talking about? Champ was a better corner than Revis in his prime. What did that get us? I remember way more Champ saying during those days the importance of having a consistent pass rush.
If they throw to the other side of the field Champ will be there, you know "the guy who was better than Revis in his Prime."

Abraham, Freeney, Kruger, to name a few from free agency..
Not to mention the draft to add another pass rusher..
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