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Originally Posted by gunns View Post
Sad but even sadder is that we aren't looking at the safety position? Regardless of how you feel about Moore, or Carter, it hasn't been consistent enough to rely on. Like DT it's a position that we truly have been lacking in for over a decade.
John Elway personally reached out to John Lynch in order to have him come to Indianapolis to help evaluate defensive backs. I would say that it is definitely an area of emphasis, given the performance of our unit, lack of longevity in contracts and injury of Carter. During Mobile, I saw more reports on Broncos talking to DBs than any other players on the field.

I would be completely surprised if the Broncos rolled with the same guys they had last year. Adams is done after this year with the team. If the Broncos were smart, they would get his replacement now. This would be a nice draft to add people to our defensive backfield.
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