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Originally Posted by COWheatGrower View Post
He has a 54-26 career regular season QB record. He has never done worse than 9-7. That seems pretty consistent to me.

His numbers won't knock one's socks off, but he has never thrown more than 12 interceptions in a season and he has 20+ plus touchdowns in four straight years.
He's a good QB. Above average. I've provided plenty of info in previous posts that support this. I'm not knocking the guy. He had a great postseason and his timing couldn't have been better from a financial perspective. But my hunch is that next season he'll look more like the better than average QB he's always been than the world beater some people think he is after this past run. Think Eli Manning.

Here's another really good read you should all check out. Read the whole thing. Chase Stuart does good work.
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