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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
yah, I don't get it. This is what, his 3rd year, or is he going on his 4th? Maybe he just hasn't had the talent to work with but it's not like the Avs are even close to being ready for the playoffs. It seems like when they should be peaking and making a push for that final playoff spot they just can't do it. And it's not like the NHL is stingy with playoff spots.
This is his 4th. The first year we made the playoffs was a fluke. I would say that it's the talent level but even when we're healthy we're inconsistent. Seems like he has a hard time keeping these guys focused playing hard every night. We come back against Calagary only to be beat by the worst team in the league demoralized by injuries. Tired of seeing the 3 stooges (Hunwick, O'Bryne, O'Brien) take dumb penalties and turn the puck over multiple times a game. No reason they can't bring Elliott up and scratch one of the tards.
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