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With the 55th pick in the NFL draft the Tennessee Titans select John Jenkins, DT, Georgia.

STRENGTHS: Nose tackle prospect with an expansive chest, good length, and a solid overall build. Capable of keeping the line against strong single blocks and double teams, finding the ball and moving within the box to be part of the stop. Flashes decent agility for his size. Capable of pressing the pocket with pure brute strength and a solid get-off, also uses his hands when one-on-one to rip aside blockers and attack the backfield. Can overwhelm single blocks simply with his massive size and frame. Has a quick shake to get a gap against guards in pass protection and the foot quickness and hustle to adjust to moving quarterbacks in the pocket.

WEAKNESSES: Thin and narrow built lower body, which contributes to waist bending and poor balance. Ends up on the ground more than you’d like. Susceptible to cut blocks and doesn’t deal well with trash at his feet, though he gives good effort to recover and return to the play. Quickness is decent for his size, but he offers little as an interior pass rusher and will be a two down player in the NFL. Stops on contact with double teams at times instead of pushing through. Plays tall and is slow off the snap, will lose upper-body strength battles to get off-balance. Doesn't fight for inside hand position. As a result, gets rooted out too often by smaller offensive linemen who get underneath his pads and out-leverage him. Could be more consistent shedding to grab ball carriers coming through holes inside.

My thoughts: The value here was too good to pass up. Jenkins will eat up blockers and free the Pass Rushers to do their thing.

The pick was made at 11:56 PM EST. The Baltimore Ravens and Bmore Manning are on the clock.
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