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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
The very back row was the first place the shooter aimed.

He fired a shot into the ceiling first......he'd have come under fire immediately after that....why you find that so hard to believe is beyond me.

I'm done. Yep, like I said. You win. You clearly never let your guard down and have amazing situational awareness. I honestly can't imagine what it must be like to be watching a movie and not be able to relax because you're on the constant lookout for threats.

I may be the minority, but yes...I do have amazing awareness......I'm a people watcher. I look in the back seat of my car before getting into it at night...I sit facing the front door of restaurants, bars, etc.....I never want my back to an entrance.....and I can watch the movie and enjoy it, but not if people are getting up and moving about....their movement draws my attention, always has...and always will.

And I wonder why only a few people noticed him exit then re-enter. It might have been because they were paying attention to the movie they paid $10 for.

Well, they, like you, must think a "gun free zone" sign will guarantee they never will have to worry about an evil person carrying a gun.

Oh well, like I said, you're absolutely right. I hope you rent yourself out as security. Anyone would be lucky to have a top shot like you at their side.

You're not the first one to suggest this to me....I hone my accuracy skills and take my training serious to protect me and my family....not others. However if I happen to one day save someone else's life because I feared for my own....well that's always a plus correct?

Hey you ever seen that show? Top Shot? Those guys are pretty good. You should try out I bet you could beat them.

I've won a few competitions back in my days of competitively shooting, placed in several more....but like I said, there are many of us who take this **** seriously. I am a pretty good shot.....but like they say, there's always someone else who is better

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