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Flacco has a great arm, always has. And you have to give the guy credit for how well he's played in the postseason. The problem is he's been very inconsistent, and sometimes just not very good, in the regular season. He played poorly quite a few times this past season. The Ravens barely made the playoffs. If you don't make the playoffs you can't win in them. We'll see if his performance this past postseason carries over into next season. Chances are he reverts back to something closer to the way he's played the last couple of regular seasons. And we'll find out if that's good enough.
He has a 54-26 career regular season QB record. He has never done worse than 9-7. That seems pretty consistent to me.

His numbers won't knock one's socks off, but he has never thrown more than 12 interceptions in a season and he has 20+ plus touchdowns in four straight years.

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