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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by elibroncofan View Post
He's like a younger, more explosive mcgahee. I'd be interested in signing him
Your high dude. Mendenhall has no vision or feel at all. The dude is a beefed up track star just looking for daylight when he runs. Not to mention, one that can't stay healthy really. I would steer clear of Mendenhall.

Yeah I do like Green, but I'm just saying what Alfred said on the radio today. He loves his toughness. He's only been in the league 3 years so he doesn't have a ton of miles on him either. I think he's saying who he would like to have to replace KM and WM via FA but he's also stating that we need to spend a few picks on some backs, and he gave his favorites. Not sure if he didn't like Lacy or just felt like we don't have a realistic shot at him, and then went on from there. Just because there's not a ton of guys on a forum who like Greene doesn't mean there aren't teams high on him.

But I really feel like better blocking by the line will help our run game the most. There's no AP in the draft, at least it doesn't appear so. We were not the best at run game blocking and I think that has to improve no matter who's toting the rock for us.
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