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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
In a thread here I once posed the question that video does:

Is the CEO of a company worth 400x the contribution of the average employee? Why or why not?

No one cared to actually answer.

An remember, that's the average CEO, not the worst.

Tim Cook (CEO of Apple), makes 2,500x what his average employee makes. What could one person do that even remotely justifies that amount of money compared to the folks actually doing the work? One of the top engineers (not even the average!) who actually designs and makes Apple products has to work months to earn the money Tim Cook makes in an hour.

I really want to know what people think justifies that.
Their argument would be that is what the market decided when the CEO and the board agreed to the compensation package.

With regards to the ever growing inequality, the apathy and numbness towards the current march to neo-feudalism is disheartening. Why Occupy hasn't been more of a force is also troubling. Republicans are good at personalizing what voting for them means, the last time I can remember the Democrats doing that was in the 60's and 70's. Though they do have it in gay rights, but it's not enough.

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