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Flacco seems to up his game in the playoffs, much like Eli. Anyone who plays better in the playoffs is a QB you want on your team.

Oh, and the jealousy in this thread is unbelievable. Guy got it done and deserves props. So what he played like **** in the regular season. Just say to yourself--Indy->Denver->N.E.->S.F.

Helluva run!
Jealousy? I don't see any post in here that screams jealousy. But yours seem to be saturated in hatred/jealousy of a QB who kicked your hero out of town.

I checked out his playoff stats for his career and he's got some stinkers in there as well. Ain't all pristine. Against the steelers in 2010 he managed 125 yards. Houston in 2011 he was only 14-27 176 yards. 2009 against Indy his QB rating was only 48! In 2008, granted a rookie he was putting up QB ratings of 59 and 18.2.

GTFO saying he's been incredible in playoffs. That defense won alot of his games.

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