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Quentin Jammer

I remember him being all over Lamar Miller last year. Said we should take him IF he was available with our first round pick.

Its ok though. Those guys have laid off the high school morning style DJ crap and now they just talk Broncos 24/7/365. And they're fun too, because DMac does his homework and calls Al out on his crap constantly.

One of my favorites was last year when they were discussing their fantasy drafts. Dmac asks Al about his team and Al say "I love my team I got 5 quarterbacks." Dmac just starts laughing his ass off at him. Starts reading him texts from fans wanting Al in their leagues. Then Al just has enough and says "man, come on man, people don't wanna here about our fantasy teams they wanna hear about real football." And Dmac just lost it. Had me rolling.
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