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Originally Posted by Dexter View Post

I have no idea what you're talking about. He has some serious hate for Wolfe. He didn't even know who wolfe was last year when we drafted him. He disregards Wolfe every time he's brought up on the radio.

I do agree with AL on a couple things though. I think he's going to be right on with Datone Jones who he loves. He's also weary of Sheldon Richardson, which I agree with.
Yep. Datone Jones would be a good strongside DE for us, but won't be there at #28. He's right about Sheldon Richardson too (who's 24 years old btw).

There really aren't any great UT prospects this year, which is why I'm glad they drafted Wolfe. Kawann Short is ok, but older than Wolfe and not as good.
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