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Yeah, Alfred Williams is pretty much crazy and irrational.

He wanted us to draft Weeden last year if he was available as insurance to Manning. A 28 year old rookie being groomed for 4 years? Okay Big Al. Meanwhile Him and DMAC continue to **** all over this last draft.

Apparently Derek Wolfe sucks, even though he played like 94% of the defensive snaps and had 6 sacks as a rookie. Osweiler blows, and Ronnie Hillman will never be worth anything or improve.

Look, I understand that our draft last year was somewhat underwhelming, but we won't know one way or another on it for another year or two. And Especially until Osweiler has his chance to start.

I enjoy listening to Al and DMAC, but they also just say **** to be controversial. The other Day Al said DJ Williams was the best LB on our roster, even though we have someone named Von Miller, and DJ was outplayed by WW.

Originally Posted by enjolras View Post
Jesus fans are just retarded.

As for the post: I think Alfred is amazing when it comes to evaluating line talent (on both sides), but beyond that he's just nuts. He was all over the inferiority of Dontari Poe and liked the Wolfe pick.

Generally..just ignore him tho
I have no idea what you're talking about. He has some serious hate for Wolfe. He didn't even know who wolfe was last year when we drafted him. He disregards Wolfe every time he's brought up on the radio.

I do agree with AL on a couple things though. I think he's going to be right on with Datone Jones who he loves. He's also weary of Sheldon Richardson, which I agree with.

Anyway on topic:

Christine Michael has talent, but he's a bone head.

Give me a RB in this order, assuming we don't take Lacy.

Jonathan Franklin
Le'Veon Bell
Giovani Bernard
Montee Ball

Keep Knowshon. - I really don't know why you would get rid of him at this point. He's not that expensive, he seems to be a good team player, and has 2/3 things you want from a back in this offense.

Those 3 things being:
1) Pass Protection Skills
2) Good hands in the passing game
3) Durability - Yeah doesn't have this one.

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