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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Actually statistics don't support your claim about guns. They do about condoms, though.

Chicago says hi!

Chicago pop. - 2.7 million
Houston pop. - 2.15 million

Chicago household median income -$38,600
Houston household median income-$37,000

% Black - Chicago 32.9% Houston 24%
% Hispanic - Chicago 28.9% Houston 44%
% Asian - Chicago - 5.5% Houston 6%
% White - Chicago 31.7% Houston 26%

both cities are pretty similar......until you see that,

Chicago has no carry and conceal law, where Houston does. Chicago has arguably the toughest gun laws in the nation....Houston? Guns are bought as fashion acessories

Chicago doesn't have any gun shops, gun shows, etc....where Houston has approximately 1500 places (pawn shops, gun shops, gun shows, walmart, etc.) where you could buy a gun (shotgun, rifle, pistol)

In 2012, Chicago had 506 homicides, Houston had 207 homicides

Total homicides per 100K in population Chicago has almost twice as many (18.4) as Houston (9.6)

How is that possible?
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