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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
You cite un named sources -- and expect me to be impressed.

I just received Marshall's new book -- and will post my reaction soon.


Un named sources? Seriously. These are actual pilots for the airlines. They don't publish books or any of that crap that you live by because they don't care. Even if I gave their names what would that change? What are you going to do? Look their names up on sky net? You don't even know what sky net is....

So no, I don't expect you to be impressed I want you to see how freaking dumb you are. You are an oxymoron in your own right. Smart but also stupid. A walking talking irony.

I would expect a rational person to say hey, there are three pilots that work for the major airlines and fly bigger and more sophisticated aircraft than the ones hijacked, and they say that an amateur with 2 years of SIMM training could do it. Perhaps the people that fly these jets every single week, might know a thing or two about who and how much training would be needed to hit two tall targets on a clear day with a nice easy approach. I would expect you to realize this and say hmmm, their maybe some truth to this and me or my martyr book writer might be mistaken.

That's it man. However, as to your disappearance to the Venus thread,I should not expect you to realize this.

Have you ever admitted that you or your co conspiracy theorists are ever wrong, on anything, ever?
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