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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by orangeatheist View Post
You know, I despise the Chiefs and their fans, but kudos FearLanier. Unlike that spineless, dickless, weasel of a douche KCStud, you've stuck around this year --arguably the worst in Chief history-- to discuss football and your take on your team.

'Course, that doesn't mean I like you and I wish nothing but misery and heartache for you and your franchise for decades to come; but I thought I'd just point out the glaring difference between you and that skid-mark.
If there were more kFc posters like FL I wouldn't dispise them so much. kFc was always a non-factor to me before I started posting on the iNTErneEts, I always hated the Butt-pirates the most but douche bag posters who consider themselves studs, then make up lame stories that they don't even fact check as excuses.

I came to respect CrazyHorse over time but he was trolling as a 1st priority.

However I could see FL as a friend I could talk legit football with.

There was one kFc fan who was vile and hateful when I first started posting here. I can't remember his username, Donkey punch or maybe it started with an F or something. I am so glad he is gone.
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