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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
I'm sure the same scout would have viewed Percy Harvin and Kendall Wright as 2nd round picks too. All it took was one GM to make them 1st round picks.

In my view, in a normal draft, I would only draft possible All-Pro players in the 1st round. Austin is probably not that. If he is there at the bottome of the 1st, when the Broncos pick, I would consider him against all other options.

However, as in all drafts, it's all about opportunity cost. What is the next best option? In a draft where there could be ZERO 1st round QB's and RB's, in a draft where the general consensus best Defensive player is a UT with 3 sacks, the best DE pushes up a lazy 8 bench reps, the best Safety runs a 4.63 forty, and the best LB is slower than an's pretty likely that a guy like Austin will go in the 1st round.

All fair points for him being a 1st Round selection. Even with all that going for the possibility, I still have trouble believing it will happen. As for the Broncos, I'd rather they take Ryan Swope at the end of the 2nd Round than Austin in the 1st if they want a slot WR. Or maybe even Stedman Bailey in the 3rd if he slips. I still think our selection is likely to be Eddie Lacy or Kevin Minter in the 1st, with an outside shot at DT or the Secondary.
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