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Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
I'd give up a few regular season wins for clutch in the playoffs and a Title every single year.
Yeah, but until this season, Flacco had "won" in the playoffs in the same manner that Sanchez riding the coattails of his teammates. He wasn't clutch in the playoffs until this season. That's not "sour grapes," it's simply a fact. Does one (admittedly) epic playoff run following a mediocre (borderline bad, really) regular season mean you deserve to be the highest paid player in NFL history? I don't think it does. You look at the total body of work, and it's not impressive. If Moore doesn't spazz out and properly defend the pass to Jones, the Ravens probably give Flacco the non-exlusive tag (~$14 million) and buy themselves a year before they have to make a long-term decision on him. You can't deny that luck played a factor here. If Flacco is able to continue his 2013 postseason play into next season and beyond, then it will prove worth it. But it's reasonable to question whether or not he can play that way consistently over the course of an entire season. He never has before.
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