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Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
...and Flacco went out and got it done in a contract year and earned the contract he signed.
Nobody will disagree with what Flacco did in the playoffs. But anyone who followed Baltimore football more closely knows that there was a lot of discussion during the regular season about what the long term solution was going to be at QB. There was a lot of doubt about Flacco and a lot of people were done with him. Do you recall how awful he was against the Broncos in the regular season game? He played extremely well in the postseason, but his defense (really stepped it up in the playoffs), WRs (they went up and got a lot of balls, particularly Boldin), and OL (remember the Broncos, who led the league in sacks, couldn't touch him) gave him a lot of solid support. Again, let's see what he does this coming year before we crown him.
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