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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
This is true, outside of Johnson and Hejda there is not a player on the D for the Avs who would be in the top 6 on most other teams. Outside of the top 6 forwards the same is true up front, too many AHL players wearing NHL sweaters.

Varlamov is good, but he is no Hasek and will never be. In today's NHL you need your goalie to be able to play his angles and he can only do that if he can trust his defense to cover the areas he will leave open. That is fine if your name is Lundquist or Brodeur and you have a defense you can work with, but when your defense consist mostly of people who shouldn't be in the league you either leave areas open or you play more conservative and can't cover as much of the net. The same was true for Jimmy Howard earlier when he had guys like Lashoff and Huskins play well over 15 minutes per game.

The Avs need to be able to attract 3rd liners and 2nd pairing d-men so they can fill out the roster with actual players, they can't be competitive the way things are now.
I agree with this but should point out that the Avs have 3 solid lines when healthy (but no superstar).
Landy-ROR-Downie (dominated last year)

This will be Hejduk's last year and I dont really see another player that can fill in. And you could point out that Jones and Stastny disappear more or less every game. But nontheless, that is a helluva 3rd line.
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