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Originally Posted by Kid A View Post
I'm just getting back to watching hockey regularly this season. The Calgary comeback game the other night was a lot of fun to watch, but that Sunday game was total ****. Anyone who's been following the Avs a little closer this offseason care to catch me up on where they stand roster wise?

I feel like from everything I read they supposedly have a group of good young stars (Landeskog, Duchene, Statsny, O'Reilly), but the defense and goaltending are lacking? Or is there a general depth lack in all areas? Granted, they're just 2 game out of the playoffs at this point (with 2 games in hand compared to the current 7 and 8 seeds). But then they're also only 2 games out of last place too, so it seems that after a few top teams in the west, it's one big clump of mediocrity?
The goaltending (Varlamov) has been good and at times excellent. The problem is that he has a bunch of pylons on defense in front of him. And their troubles in getting the puck out of the zone and through the neutral zone is hurting the offense at the same time.

The Avs have only one true NHL caliber defenseman (Johnson, who is currently out with a concussion), one young guy who may eventually prove to be a good PMD and two guys who are at best the #6 guy on most teams (Wilson & Hejda). The rest (Hunwick, Zanon, O'Brien, O'Byrne) are NHL trash.
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