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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
DeSean's missed 9 games in his 5 year career and the majority of which came last season. He's surprisingly not the least bit fragile for the amount of touches he gets.
However, he's not used across the middle. He wasn't used across the middle at Cal either. When he does go across the middle, he gets killed, which is probably why they don't ask him to do that very often. Or maybe they do, and he just won't. That was an issue in his contract negotiation.

My point, though, was that Austin is a short range slot guy. Or at least, that's how he's been used so far, and it seems unlikely he'll be an outside WR in the NFL due to his height. He'll be used on lots of gadget stuff like the Chiefs did with McCluster, but to be an early round draft pick, he's going to have to make his living going across the middle. I'm skeptical that's going to end well. It can't all be bubble screens, pitches, and kick returns.

So, that's my thought process on him. Maybe it's wrong. Time will tell. He's explosive and should be an exciting player to watch, but I'm not taking someone that small that early in the draft. He's either too situational and not used in the slot, or he is used in the slot and becomes an injury risk.

For what it's worth, I have the Lions taking him towards the top of the 2nd Round in my mock. So, it's not like I'm saying he has no value. I'm just kind of combining why I would not draft him early at all, along with why I think it's unlikely he goes in the 1st Round in the real NFL draft.

Apparently Pricejj was offended by that opinion.
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