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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
1. You can make claims that players like Percy Harvin or Kendall Wright weren't worth their mid-first round pick all you want, it doesn't change the fact that NFL teams will keep picking them there. Each year brings new rules which make the NFL more of a passing/Offense oriented league.

2. Tavon Austin is 5'084". Harvin is 5'11" and Kendall Wright is 5'10". To claim Austin is "a beanpole" because he is 174 lbs., while Percy Harvin is 190 lbs. is absurd. Harvin is almost 3 inches taller.

3. Austin has never missed a game in college. Your claim that Austin is "fragile" is simply not accurate.

4. Comparing Tavon Austin to DeSean Jackson just because they both run in the 4.3's is laughable. DeSean Jackson in college was a decent receiver, but was more known for his special teams work, and straight line speed. Tavon Austin caught over 100 receptions twice (Jr. and Sr.), has great hands, and ability to change direction. Not to mention Austin's extensive use as an RB, which DeSean Jackson has never had. DeSean Jackson (like Eddie Royal) was always primarily a return man, and a developmental prospect at WR. Please spare us your Tavon Austin/Eddie Royal comparisons.

Any team that wants Percy Harvin is going to have to fork over a 2nd round pick and a boatload of cash (he wants a raise from $4M per year). Tavon Austin presents a younger, cheaper, and better option.
I'm sorry your life is so frustrating that you attack my opinion on a Bronco forum. I'm pretty sure I've never talked with you on here, but the last few posts I've made, you've taken it personal for some very odd reason. First, was that Damontre Moore might go in the 2nd Round after his horrific Combine experience, which looks to be the general consensus opinion as of right now. You thought that was laughable to say.

Now, you think it's laughable that I (correctly) point out that no NFL team has ever taken a WR as small as Tavon Austin in the 1st Round. Well, that's true. And the reason why is durability concerns.

I understand you think the Big 12 defenses are representative of NFL defenses for prospective durability questions. What you probably do not understand is that Tavon Austin had 14 rushing attempts all season until his final 4 Senior games. The three years prior combined, his Freshman - Junior seasons, he had 37 total rushes. DeSean Jackson, whom came out as a Junior, had 24 total rushes his first three seasons. I wouldn't put a lot of stock into Austin's "extensive use" as a running back.

Now, you think it's laughable that I compare DeSean Jackson to Tavon Austin. Maybe you don't remember that draft clearly, but I do. A month before the draft, Jackson was locked in as a 1st Round option because of how explosive and dynamic he was as a receiver and returner. Sound familiar?

You also said that Jackson and Austin's "stats" weren't similar in college. Lets compare:

Jackson (Freshman) - 38 Rec, 601 Yds, 7 TDs, 8 Rushes, 48 Yds.
Austin (Freshman) - 15 Rec, 151 Yds, 1 TD, 6 Rushes, 47 Yds, 1 TD.

Jackson (Sophomore) - 59 Rec, 1060 Yds, 9 TDs, 5 Rushes, 19 Yds.
Austin (Sophomore) - 58 Rec, 787 Yds, 8 TDs, 15 Rushes, 159 Yds, 1 TD.

Jackson (Junior) - 65 Rec, 762 Yds, 6 TDs, 11 Rushes, 132 Yds, 1 TD
Austin (Junior) - 101 Rec, 1186 Yds, 8 TDs, 16 Rushes, 182 Yds, 1 TD.

Jackson's QB his Junior year being the immortal Nate Longshore in a run first offense where Justin Forsett alone got over 300 carries. Austin meanwhile, had Geno Smith in a pass first offense with 100 more passing attempts (542) to (443).

In terms of special teams, apparently, what DeSean was "known for", he never returned Kickoffs in college. He was a very good punt returner because of his shiftiness though, Sound familiar? Austin, meanwhile, was primarily a Kickoff Returner in college, and a really good one. He didn't handle a lot of punts. Jackson had 6 return TDs, Austin had 5, with an extra year.

Now as far as the body goes, Tavon Austin's body looks nothing like Percy Harvin's. Tavon Austin's game is also nothing like Percy Harvin's. For 95% of his collegiate career, Austin ran short routes and didn't run the ball. His YPR was around 11. Harvin in his two years at Florida, averaged 15, which was what DeSean Jackson averaged as well. That's a significant difference from Austin's slant, bubble, and screen routes. Harvin is a unique player, Tavon Austin is nothing like him. Harvin got his weight to 200 lbs his rookie year and could bench press over 400 lbs. He's also as chisled as they come. Even with all that, he's injured to some degree most of the time.

Austin's game best equates to how the Pats use Wes Welker and how the Rams use Amendola. That's why I discussed their body size and weight. Austin will need to add 10-15 lbs to hold up over the middle. And even at that weight, Welker and Amendola get knocked senseless every game. Austin is a slot WR. He's not an outside guy, he's not a part time RB, he's a slot WR only. And he'll be the smallest one I can ever remember in the NFL. For that reason, I think he'll go in the 2nd Round as teams will be afraid he'll be folded like a lawn chair when NFL defensive players (not the Big 12) hit him across the middle. Any one that plays this game that weighs 170 lbs is fragile. Not because they aren't tough. But because the laws of science dictate it.

That is why I have the opinion I have on Tavon Austin. And that's why he's likely to go in the 2nd Round. Could the Pats or 49ers take him at the end of the 1st? Sure. Do I care if they do or do not? No. I just stated why *I* think he'll go in the 2nd Round. You think he'll go in the 1st Round. I don't care. I'm not going to attack someone because they think he will. And, if I did, I'd do a lot more research than you did.
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