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OK, finally getting in to talk about Lacy. I want to throw out big kudos to the knowledge on this board. I think a lot of folks are overvaluing Lacy, but middle of the 2nd round is just about where he should go.

I think he is a great fit in SD. Ryan Matthews misses a lot of games every year, so Lacy will take the pounding off of him, especially in short yardage. Also, McCoy has just learned from John Fox, who makes good use of a two-back system.

Oh, and how many times did we see Matthews get stuffed in short yardage situations? Lacy will definitely be a chain mover for McCoy in his first year; it's going to be nice to have that kind of security blanket. And having a good locker room/good character guy with great work ethic is always a plus.

I am very pleased to get lacy here. I wanted to move down very badly, but that opportunity did not pan out. So, a very nice fit here for the chargers.
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