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Originally Posted by maher_tyler View Post
Some guy from Columbus left his feet and hit Hejduk. Not even close to that bad but Hejduk got hurt on the play. Luckily he came back a little later in the game.
link ?

Originally Posted by BroncosSR View Post
It's ridiculous. Neal's hit on Cooter was infinitely worse (both feet clearly left the ice, puck nowhere around, targets the head, prior history) yet he actually received no punishment. He only got a game for the Giroux hit.

The NHL is just garbage.
I guess we should be happy he didnt get 20 like downie

That is my biggest problem with this, downie gets 20, harry Z gets 4, neal gets 1, for all doing the exact same thing, hit to the head, from in the air. Neither downie nor harry Z had a prior history at the time, but neal did, yet history is supposed to count for something.

I would have been fine with Z getting a game, he hit the head first, but 4 for a first time offender, in a shortened season. Come on. Shanny needs to try and be a little more consistent.
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