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Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
Why not keep these illegals locked up and release the same amount of inmates from our state and federal prison systems that are not dangerous criminals. We would not be wasting money and at least these inmates are U.S. citizens.

Oh but wait, that would make the wrong political statement, it's much more effective if we release illegals.
Yeah its safe to say they will find the money to keep Bernie Maddoff in prison. Hell how many billions do we give away to other countries every yr? If its so bad we can't cut 85 billion from domestic and defense spending without releasing prisoners we have no business giving anyhing away. Hell even if Europe gets hit by an asteroid we can't afford to help right? because we are so strapped we can't afford to pay custodians to clean the capital?

Our govt doesn't get it. We want the same services for less money. Make these ****ers tighten the belt and get it done. I would call dept heads, and say make it work or find a new job. Trust me you tell the DHS director either make it work with this amount of money or I will find someone who can, they will get it done.
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