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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
I'm not 100% convinced with MAF but we will see what happens; playoffs are essentially right around the corner

I get the sense that either Bylsma or Shero don't really believe in him but there is no better alternative so it is what it is.

On another note, the Habs are a move or two away from joining the Eastern Conf conversation. They need a hard nosed d-man and probably another scoring (big) forward if they can get one. With Carey Price that's a dangerous team. They stood up to the Bruins pretty well tonight.
There is certainly a difference between playoff and regular season play but at least so far Flower is doing great.

BTW looks like the Caps are starting to get it together now so I'm sure you are happy now.

IMO..Therrien is the early Jack Adams favorite. I know Quenneville is more or less undefeated but MTL was crap before Iron Mike gave them real structure and a commitment to defense.
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